2.0 Turbo Problems!!!

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Default 2.0 Turbo Problems!!!

Hello everyone. I am not a mechanic and would be very grateful for any advice that would lead toward an "easy" repair for my wife's 2007 Passat 2.0 Turbo:

Previous problems with the 2007 car:
a. Head lights not moving (turn with car)
b. Xenon head lights replaced three times
c. Cruise control failed
d. Drivers side window quit working
e. Gas cap constantly reading "not shut" (12 service trips)
f. Fuses blown for auxilary 12V power
g. Rear brakes replaced below 40,000 miles???

Current Problems with some history:
  • Car received 40,000 service program (oil etc). No problems
  • Around 49,900 miles, the low oil pressure light came on, bells would ding and she had to pull over and turn car off. As she had so many other false lights and problems, she thought this was a false reading and drove home (she was only a mile from the house) and I checked the oil...BONE DRY! (Note: she was not due another service/oil change until the 50,000 mile mark).
  • We put a couple of quarts of the specified oil in the car and she took it to XXXXX-XXXXX the next day (now at 49,900 miles). Oddly, they told her it was completely normal for a car to burn ALL of it's oil between changing. They replaced ANOTHER xenon, under waranty, changed her oil and did everything recomended at the soon to be 50,000 mark. They also told her this would be "it" in regards to the waranty work (50,000 mile waranty would be over).
  • Now, at 50,052 miles, the day after she brought the car home from XXXXX-XXXXX, the ECU light, engine light, ESP light AND an exclamation point symbol adjacent to the cruise control indicator all came on.
  • The turbo will not engage.
Any idea what could be going on? Sludge in the turbo from there being no oil in the car???...Please know that I am not intending to imply that they drained the oil and didn't replace it. I am just wondering if it would be considered normal for a car to burn through 5 quarts of oil in 9 thousand miles of driving? If so, why would they not recomend additional in-between top off's etc. I.e. I could see checking the oil and adding a quart or two around 5-7000 miles into it But 5-quarts and BONE DRY????

We would be grateful for any advice you could give.

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I have an 06 2.0T and this same thing happened to me. I was not due for an oil change just yet and I was driving through a canyon, rather fast and aggressive but I also put $7,000 into performance parts from new ecu to new suspension, so now Im pushing around 300hp as well as torque, the car is very fun. Anyways, a few miles into the canyon my oil light comes on as well as my computer reading "STOP! Turn off engine". So I pull over and check the dipstick, as soon as I pull the stick an enormous amount of pressure shoots out of the hole. So i wait until the pressure stops and I remove the oil cap, only to find nothing but a little smoke rising from where multiple quarts of oil should have been. I immediately brought it to a garage to have an oil change and they told me the same thing, it is not unusual for a car to run its oil bone dry. I dont really agree with this but I do think the only way to prevent this from happening is to keep a close eye on your oil AT ALL TIMES. Just stay on-top of your maintenance, however, It is my opinion that you ran your engine without an oil for too long a time and you burnt out your turbo Im almost positive if you take it to a VW prof they will tell you the same thing.
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Same thing happened to my wife with the oil pressure/ warning. I took it in to the dealer, bone dry, they said it wasn't unusual to use more oil, and for me to keep a check on it. It has about 55k on it. A few days later my check engine light comes on, gotta take it back again, sucks...
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