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which is why men and women in the intelligence

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Default which is why men and women in the intelligence

Therefore, he assured his wife service for Valentine's because of differences in the division of labor, she is used to manage their own emotional world of the angels, her duty is deep emotion in his hours, giving him the spirit of encouragement and comfort, let him get in the mood even if the warmth of a vertex can have her in his hour of his time heal the trauma, although Valentine gave him so many emotional benefits, but not for the lover is always reassuring, because in In his heart, would often think, she can for me, she will surely be another man like this. Thus, even better lover, a man is always suspicious for her, for fear she Jordan 5 High Heels, carrying his new love there is love there. his wife, "accused of playing a pro love", but the lovers' hands, holding hedgehog "vigilance wing. a man in front of his wife, may be made anytime, anywhere character of the hair, or even out implicit doctrine to large women look impressive.
However, as can only care for Valentine's delicate glass vase with the same meticulous care, kneeling on the good graces offered only warm, but not have the slightest Maurer, the smart will not pay attention to provoke get angry Naofan Tian Hongyan, so men go in front of his wife and lover has "two sides", is the Tigers in front of his wife, the lover is the sheep. let my wife see the crying face, so that lovers see smiling faces. a man when it comes to When something goes wrong, you can just go home towards his wife said, and even to take his wife as a punching bag, to close some drums, because he is fully understood, although their Zaokangzhiqi wife, but she will not hold anything against their own permanent, not promotion because of his own fortune and change of heart, while the lover, a man can not let her see their beautiful smiling faces of the poor. even if it is a big setback Fengdao together, was a big committee and then stretch or to allow her to know, no matter Jordan 6 High Heelssorted out, she said, because he knew his lover was directed at the scenery and charm come, if these two did not, so between her and his feelings will smoke off clouds scattered, so even if we have him big suffering, can only destroy teeth pharynx to the stomach, no matter what time had to put a smile on winning force is the smile. and his wife black marriage, and dew lover "and his wife." man and wife is a life-long friends along , and he and his wife's life as a life thing, regardless of family wealth, life and death and gas well or that they are a difficult family life, often knock knock mix mix Ye Hao, the individual will not emerge at every turn Naofan Tian, ​​, the future structure complain they do not get married while he was well aware of the lover, "the country is not ending feast", although he received from the lover who too much comfort and joy, also had his wife and he can not give
The so-called love and happiness, but he is always saying that the "day when the monks hitting a bell" Contemplative and lover get along. precisely because men always get along with his lover, join as a partner on Jordan High Heels For Womenthe thinking has already been prepared, so it will one day "peacock fly in Northeast", the often exhibit superhuman Enron, while women tend to be "once bitten, twice shy", which is why men and women in the intelligence field exchanges, and ultimately subject to abuse often The basic reason is a woman place. my wife to spend money Province, to spend Valentine's fees. men have the financial power at home, my wife often buy things to benefit mainly to save on the save the point, because he knows his wife is to live, usually wished he could pennies, so if they spend more than the pain of knowing her, even their own pockets with more money, do not let his wife see their free-spending bad habits while to the lovers are willing to buy things you need to spend a lot a lot, if the money would mean she looked down on yourself, buy something special to pick the most expensive to buy, even if you are seeing pockets would be emptied , and also willing to spend after the last penny, and sometimes also in debt to buy Valentine's a hobby.
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Default which is why men and women in the intelligence

men generally have more IQ and Women generally have more EQ.
this means men think logically and factually while women think emotionally.
i think men's intelligence is more better in the REAL WORLD because it is based on the Head over heart idea.
while women's intelligence might be better in an IDEAL WORLD because it based on Heart over head idea.
but we dont live in an ideal world. this might be the reason why men end up being more successful and women in life usually?
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