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Let his wife retreat allow pragmatic lover

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Default Let his wife retreat allow pragmatic lover

Although Fujimori into Ji Tian Han of Tanizaki did not like love, but out of courtesy, and only nodded. Lu Xun's off to the side of his face was already ugly. Xia Yan wind blows, some of Tian Han hurry, but still Tan Xing Xing Tian Han's head diminished. "It seems also singing the." Whispered Xia Yan Lu Xun said. Xia Yan Lu Xun Tian Han was aware of this aversion. That got up to leave Lu Xun finished his retreat. Present two sides of the embarrassment can be imagined. Of course, this is only the dissatisfaction of Lu Xun Tian Han, and after the occurrence of "social Monthly" event, the result of Lu Xun Tian Han's anger. August 1934 issue of the "Social Report" begins to Cao Juren Lu Xun published the letter, the contents of the talk about "public language" subject. This letter was originally a private letter to Cao Lu Xun, Chen Cao and later to the consonance in his editor's "Social Report" published. Have been published over the same period is also known Jordan 1 High Heelsas Lu Xun, "Revolutionary Hawker" Yangcun's "red zone back record (continued)." Young pods originally left for the first winter, "play together" caucus, published from 1932 ***. Young's "red zone back in mind," mentioned a couple of the revolution, and to write their names accurately.
Tian Han thought it was a blatant informant, was arrested after causing a direct cause of the couple. Tian Han Yang in order to combat and prevent "social Monthly" published Yang continued, came up with a call-back from the "coup" that use "blame Sage" in attempting to rally. After Tian Han alias "Shao Bo" in the "Great Evening" and "torch" supplement published in the "reconciliation - Reading <social Monthly> August issue," a paper that Lu Xun's text of the letter and the person with the board Yangcun one journal is a "reconciliation" and sarcastically said: "Mr. Lu Xun seems to 'boo' over Yangcun native of, but he can open the field for Yangcun native of percussion, who said Mr. Lu Xun gas narrow it? "Tian Han said this can be described as unreasonable. Lu Xun's letter was published someone else to take the same Yangcun people on the same journal article, how to become Yangcun for Lu Xun "and open the percussion instruments" mean? *** Yangcun people out of Lu Xun, and from the "Leftist" into a "third person" is despised, the "A letter of Mr. Yang Cunren openly flagrant letter", the Yangcun people can be described as thoroughly refuted. And Tian Han was a Jordan 1 High Heelsvery far-fetched reasons, said Lu Xun and Yangcun people "reconcile", which is no wonder that angry of Lu Xun. Especially when he knows, "Shao Bo" that Tian Han, this kind of anger can be imagined. Tian Han was being made "Play" magazine, so Lu Xun will be in to "play" the magazine said in the letter: "... I have no such power to prohibit others to my letter published in the journal, and who in addition to article, but no way to know in advance, so for any of the authors on the same publication are not indicated whether or not to reconcile the meaning of; but if there is one camp myself, mounted from the back of the knife to me, is my abhorrence for his and contempt, is clearly above the enemy. "Tian Han Lu Xun would be the same camp as given human" behind the knife, "so he is more" hate and contempt. " Tian Han did not think his article leads to such a result. According to his original design, he intended to "innocent" about Lu Xun, Lu Xun is to the "Social Report" editor Chen consonance or published without permission *** Cao Juren this letter to reach people, and suspended its combat Yangcun purpose of the text . Tian Han's mind in the subsequent letter he wrote to Lu Xun
Man in the eyes of his wife and lover wife and lover of these two men in the eyes of a woman, speak not need to exist, there is Jordan Spizike Bootsno persecution and that the interests of each fraction, not only like, the wife is a man for life dependency, and Valentine in the final analysis only in order to regulate the emotional mood of a rich life, arises from a number of specific small differences are as follows: Let his wife retreat allow pragmatic lover Let my wife at home, inside and out number one, let his wife control their own the basic necessities of life, governing men refused to reveal who pack firewood and other household management Youyanjiangcu all trivial things. so that ordinary home to eat their daily "clear light, heat piping hot, Tangtangshuishui" satisfying meals,
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