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Default 02 Passat help!

Im one of the Admins over at the Honda Civic forum (which is owned by Auto Forum Universe). So dont say anything mean, Ill have you banned. Just kidding [8D].

Anyway, my brother is having a problem with his 02 or 03 Passat with around 80k miles on it and I need some help so I can fix it. I havent figured out the problem yet because there is a ton of idiot plastic covering the motor (I call it 'idiot plastic' because its designed for people who dont know jack chit about cars and think it makes it more 'luxurious') and I dont feel like taking that apart without a good idea of the problem.

Anyway, we were driving the car home one day and the screen in the dashboard flashed 'alternator failure' or something like that. I figure the alternator took a dump because it was clear we were driving on the battery. We made it to my home and the car is currently itting in my driveway.

I dont think its the alternator, because the battery got sucked dry just by the car sitting in my driveway. Its a brand new battery. It has 0 power. I mean like literally the car had no power the next day.

Ive heard a few Passats doing this. I could use a hand. Im sick of my brother bumming rides to work and just flat out sick of looking at it in my driveway. Nothing against the car in particular, but I just feel like white trash with a dead car parked in front of my house.



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