How can you increase MPG of a stock `69 Beetle?

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Default How can you increase MPG of a stock `69 Beetle?

With the increase of gas prices lately, is there anyway to increase gas milage of a 1969 Beetle? I am getting ready to rebuild the engine, so I would like to improve the current 25 MPG to maybe 30 or low 30s.

I am eyeing an `84 Volks Rabbit too, and I know the Beetle will never achieve the 40 - 45+ that the Rabbit will, but surely there is something to improve MPG?
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Default RE: How can you increase MPG of a stock `69 Beetle?

If you are doing a full engine overhaul, you should see a little better mpg after it is done. Some things I do to my 66 Beetle are simple weekly tuneups. For example, open up the valve covers and make sure the valves are properly gapped, get the timing light out and make sure the timing is correct, and inspect the points and condenser...all that jazz. I noticed that the daily wear and tear on my 1300cc would alter my mpg when I didn't give it some love on Sunday afternoons. This may be helpful even on a newly overhauled motor. Hope this helps...happy motoring
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Default RE: How can you increase MPG of a stock `69 Beetle?

Hot VWs mag recently did a bit of a writeup on boosting performance on a stock 1600 that you could use on your 1300. A few of the things they did to their engine would benefit in mpg as well. A vacuume advance distributor is a must for mpg, switching to electronic ignition with vacuume advance would eliminate the point maintenance and improve overall performance and mpg, good plugs, wires, coil, of course only use Bosch caps and rotors, and also add a decent exhaust system (header and muffler(s).

Keeping everything adjusted right and in tune is one of the best ways to ensure the best mpg and longevity.
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Default How to make the 69 bug faster and one of the best cars on gas around

Before i get into this for those who are inpatient the correct immediate answer to ur question to add allot of mpg is change transmission to whats called a freeway flyer better gas mileage, increased top speed and less wear on motor.(4 gears instead of 3)

if interested heres my experience and how I know this, thank you for your time hope i helped.
So it was my father son project car in high school how my dad taught me allot about simple mechanics and bonded with me working on the bug.
mine was greatly upgraded and I even had a 2110 that i later upgraded and tuned up however the part that gave me good gas mileage and a better top end would still work for a stock motor in the 69 bug. Its called a freeway flyer transmission it adds a gear I have gone over 160 countless times and with ease pulls wheelies and got good gas however my this is when the motor was fully tuned and was a 2110 drag motor actually built it up bigger than a 2110.
But I can't recall the final size i know we had a race shop tune it and added bigger better parts and a bigger fuel pump and all supporting mods, header and exhaust, suspension, tires and it was bigger cc than a 2110 at the end.
not expecting everyone to be as fast as i was its hard to get over 300 hp in a bug let alone put more than 300 to rear tires like I was.
But as far as the best most simple & cost effective UPGRADE IS and damn near first mod u should do to any old school VW bug is the freeway flyer transmission some practicality to the upgrade its expensive so why would I say cost effectiveness.
well because, think practicality and function.
With an extra gear, and a better final drive the car will have a higher, faster top end, way better gas mileage and less wear and tear on the motor should be less rpms and struggle less on freeway.
Clearly if your cars running cooler, motors less stressed by running low on rpms that means motor life last longer. Also better gas mileage it will eventually easily pay for itself for most who install a freeway flyer its arguably pays for itself right away. Just off of peice of mind and being able to use the car easier now a days.
Again the gas mileage increases as well as decreasing wear and tear, and increasing reliability. This upgraded will pay for itself an will be instantly satisfying because the increase in performance from another gear its unlike any other upgrade the ease of doing highway speeds not screaming rpms burning gas getting hot to hardly make 60 mph u can relax at 75 mph and the motors happy. Its a long response i know but reading this forum and have the experience and a real and helpful answer I thought id share my experience and details since I had this great response.
Best old school bug upgrade and i think these are hands down the coolest gas savers out today after they get a freeway flyer better gas millage than a honda civic and much cooler!
but if you can afford this upgrade do it save on wear and tear and make ur car more usable for todays fast freeways this 4th gear will help more than any horse power upgrade.
Freeway flyer transmission swap is a direct fit to the stock transmission location and u can do it with just one buddy at home on a weekend with simple tools.
hope this time I took serves someone good with fresh knowledge these cars are really cool wish more people had an interest but building a hot rod or a gas saver whatever way ur going with ur bug id say this freeway flyers the number 1 upgrade you can do to start with, especially for those of you expecting to drive for long periods of time being lower on rpms should help greatly on engine temps of your like me and still struggling to stay cool pushing a lot of power or just long drives id recommend the engine cover spacer so that it directly forces air to the motor while driving to help keep it cool. (These are air cooled engines)

~side note
I dont remember who make the kit or if my dad built it on his own but back in the day my dad added a small transmission/oil cooler thing had like 2 small skinny wide intercooler that went under the engine bay one for motor one for transmission but that was another great modification.
few other mods are, electronic ignition, headers, and baja race exhaust not the stinger but if memory serves me right a 3 inch short baja race exhaust shoots flames and looks cool as **** too.

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