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diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

Old 04-17-2008, 01:02 AM
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Default diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

i posted this thread in the GTi and TDi thread but didn't get too much info back, hopefully i'll get some more answers here.

i'm kinda new the VW industry but i'm lookin to get one soon because they put up killer mpg numbers and i've heard some can be pretty quick. i'm lookin at jettas but don't know which version to go with. i'm lookin for somethin that will get me the best gas mileage, but still be able to suprise some naysayers at the track or on the street.

i know diesel motors in trucks put out loads of power but i'm not sure how quick they run in a jetta and i know they get around 45mpg. anyone know how they're speed stats measure up with the VR6 and the 1.8T?
what kind of mpg's do the vr6's and 1.8T's get?
just by browsing this site a little, it seems that the VR6 is quicker than the 1.8T is that true?

which version has more available aftermarket parts to mod it?
any of em more cheaper than the other 2 to mod?
do manual trannys come in all 3 versions?

Old 04-18-2008, 06:10 PM
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Default RE: diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

My VR6 is a blast!! it's pretty quick, and after the mods I've done I still get about (just guessing) around 18MPG city, and 23 on highway. I fill up on Sunday night, I drive maybe 15min each way and maybe to the store or something and I don't fill up till about the following Sunday or even Monday. 1.8T HP I think is around 160-something, 175 stock HP for the VR6, and I would say that parts are matched pretty evenly as far as availability. Golfs are nicetoo, same motors just hatchback so it's lighter. I know less than zero about diesels! So that's my opinion, and it would take way to long for me to descrive everything about the motors!!Just go test drive the 1.8T, 2.slow (2.0 motor, good on gas, bummy HP and pickup,Grandma version Jetta) and the VR6. Only you can know what serves you best!
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Default RE: diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

I don't know alot about the Diesel Jetta'seitherbut my friend has a 2006 and he seems to love it. It gets awesome gas milage but in my opinion it lacks power, but that thing canpour some smoke out.I have the 1.8T and the best ive got is 410 miles on a tank (with premium gas) on the highway. so its awesome on milage to.The VR6 is a prettyquick motorbut ive raced my ex girlfreinds 2003VR6 and won her by a car and a half, it was an automatic though. Butboth cars were stock.But Bagel is right, save yourself some time and dont even bother with the 2.0, its amazingly slow!haha.If it were me i would go with the 1.8, it gets awesome gas milage and the turbo gives it some nice power, i have no regrets buying mine, but thats just my opinion.
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Default RE: diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

get the 1.8 turbo...then you could up grade to twin turbo and get over 345 hp
but stock it smokes hatchbacks,nissans and those little darns asian cars
Old 08-19-2008, 08:00 PM
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Default RE: diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

Well I have a VR6 and it's does get around 17/23 MPG... But the HP I got on mine is like 220.. It's not bad but it's not great ethier, I want atleast 300 lol.. If that's possible for my 01 Jetta
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Default RE: diesel, vr6 or 1.8T

If I would be the one to choose then I would like the 1.8t, because of the power it has. With out doubt it can handle 400whp on stock block


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