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Article I wrote on the VW Scandal

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Default Article I wrote on the VW Scandal

Before you return to the homepage thinking I might be bashing VW. Im not. Its just a simple article I wrote on my own time explaining my PoV. I hope you like it. Please feel free to comment/suggest.. but no bad mouthing please.

Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read it

A scandal that is blown out of proportion

Every morning I get up to have breakfast and read the news on the CTV app on my iPad. I start off with World News, then Sports, Entertainment and cap it off in the Autos section. Recently though the Auto section has been blown up with the world-wide money making story called: Volkswagen Scandal! Will we forgive their attacks on our environment?

By the looks of this, I can just see people watching TV as VW is handed their fine just as people were watching OJ Simpson’s trial in 1994. Completely immersed in something that is irrelevant to a certain extent.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe that VW should be fined for what they have committed, but I absolutely don’t believe it’s anything as big of a scandal like the one of Mike Duffy or even GM’s 30 million worldwide recall. Yes 30 million for those who need glasses to read or are dyslexic like myself. 30 million recalled cars is basically removing all vehicles in Canada if every family owned one car. So yes, we would have to take our polar bears to school.

So what did VW do exactly? In a nutshell, for approximately the past six years they installed a “software known as “defeat devices” in the electronic module of diesel vehicles issued between 2008 and 2015” (CNBC). This software they installed overrode the US Emissions Testing for vehicles and this would allow their diesel engines to “[emit] nitrogen oxide pollutants up to 40 times above what is allowed in the US” (BBC). Now 40 times is quite a lot but is it really that big of a scandal to where we should stop buying VW’s? I don’t think so. If America is so scarred by what VW did, they clearly have just woken up from a long nap as America’s coal plants produce over “386000 tons of hazardous air pollutants each year” (thinkglobalgreen), where they are mostly used to produce electricity. Also let’s not forget their oil industries and major spills. Do the letters B and P sound familiar? As well as the Gulf of Mexico?

As eBay Motors will reach an all-time high for VW diesels for sale in the coming months, because people are afraid of their image, let me bring you one more interesting recall that hasn’t really been exploded in the media. Takata is a company that produces airbags for car manufactures like Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM and Chrysler. In June of 2015, 22 million vehicles worldwide were single handily recalled by Takata for improper air-bag deflators. As the airbag would deploy, metal propellant devices would be ejected into the occupant’s body. The New York Times states that over 140 injuries have been reported linked to their airbags. The tally of deaths associated with this situation is currently nine. So as people worry about their image they set to others with the type of cars they drive, since we live in a very materialistic world; I can tell you whole heartedly that I would worry more about getting into an accident and becoming a human dart board rather than emitting a few extra NO2 (nitrogen oxide) particles. Parents of young adults would likely agree with me as well as any sane human being apart from anyone at Greenpeace of course. (I have no hate towards Greenpeace)

To conclude I would like to bring a quote from a book I recently read called Tuesdays with Morrie (I recommend preferred the book over the movie). Morrie a former university teacher who has ALS tells his only student in his last lecture that “As you grow, you learn more” (Albom). With that being said, as headlines start popping up everywhere that the US Emission Group will tighten its tests. I look at this as a positive because car manufactures will have to work harder to manufacture vehicles that emit less. As the CEO of GM now grins knowing he can sell more diesel Cruze’s, I am not too sure he is as clean as his white teeth might show, and I would strongly suggest that all manufactures get a proper cavity check.
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Great article!
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Great Richard.
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