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PaulFLZ1 01-24-2018 10:19 AM

2012 Tiguan TSI Premium fuel ?
Hello, just bought a used 2012 Tiguan TSI "S" model with less than 50K mileage, good deal. Premium fuel is recommended (and on top of that, "Top Tier" fuel - Home | Top Tier Gas) . Previous owner tells me regular can be used. Have used a couple tanks regular (87) and while MPG does not appear to suffer I do notice a valve tap from the engine. Has anyone else had this experience and what do we think about Premium vs regular & top tier fuel ? Obviously current cost of premium vs regular is a concern but long run engine wear is concern as well. Would love to be able to use regular but not at the cost of engine issues down the road. What do you think? Valve tap not an issue, long term not an issue? Input is appreciated.

Keithuk 01-25-2018 07:38 AM

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wesvaz 08-24-2018 08:10 AM

hello, im new here, so ...i have a 2012 tiguan LE, and there have been a few times myself sister has taken care of her, but she forgets to use premium fuel, and it shows in the performance immediately, i had a special situation after the hurricane, there was a fuel shortage, and had to use regular fuel, i was worried but found that if i used good quality regular fuel, it did not present much problems, also try mixing full tank premium, and if in the middle of the week you need to replenish regular its not so bad...Still
i always use premium, why take chances..thats my experience..good luck

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