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thewitnesssuit 07-08-2014 11:21 PM

Funny idle and stalling..
i just recently purchased a 1993 corrado slc. ive had it about a week and i was getting on the freeway and when i shifted into 3rd gear it took a second for it to respond, then i got to a local mall and was inside maybe 30 minutes. came back outside and went to leave and it started ideling funny, i had no response from the accelerator and it kept stalling out (oil light blinking) so i checked the oil and it had enough in it, and i tried again and it ran good for about a mile then started acting up again so i checked the oil again and called a friend who brought me 2 quarts. he said it sounded like it was being robbed of fuel. so i limped it back to my friends house and just let it sit and hour or so. then just drove it home and it acted normal. it only really acted up on a slight hill and in 3rd gear. is this a common problem or should i look into some things. thoughts? thanks..

conner 02-10-2015 07:23 PM

It could be a simple dirty fuel pump or worst a busted oil pump that is why the oil indicator light keeps on blinking.

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